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Lenses in Mississauga

 Our optical store in Mississauga is offering today’s most advanced and latest in lens technology and lens treatments, Optical Trends 4 U provides you with what we like to refer to as lifestyle lenses – in other words, lenses that are designed specifically for you and your daily needs.


Whether your lifestyle is more active and filled with outdoor activities such as golfing, fishing, driving wear lenses, enjoying a ride on your motorcycle, or simply computer work, reading, or other indoor hobbies, our opticians will present you with the best possible lens and lens treatment in Mississauga; our options are available to help you see and enjoy life to its fullest.


It is our goal to help you not only look your best and express your individuality by finding the perfect frame but ultimately and most importantly, to see with the utmost clarity.

Please feel free to browse through the following websites of our lens manufacturers for more information on the type of lenses we provide for our clients. For more information regarding your prescription please contact us or visit us in-store.

We currently carry the following brand name lenses:

Carl Zeiss



For additional detailed information on our other products, please select the appropriate choice from the links provided below.


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