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Active Sports Eye Wear

The risks athletic activities pose to the eyes is great, and that’s why we feel it is so important to educate our clients and discuss which frame and lens combination will best suit their needs. Frame selection is critical, as the proper fit of sports eyewear is very important for both safety and comfort. All of our sports eyewear products meet protective standards as safety eyewear, with premium polycarbonate lenses holding up under impact and most important, ultimately protecting the eyes and face from serious injury.


We cover various activities for active eyewear which includes the following:

  • Speed & Motion (motorcycling, cycling, mountain biking, running)

  • Snow (winter sports, skiing, snowboarding)

  • Water (fishing, water sports, boating, boat racing)

  • Cross Training (multiple sports – running, hiking, golf, etc.)


We, at Optical Trends 4U offer our clients the most up to date selection of sports eyewear products which includes the following:

  • All eyewear comes with a premium, sport specific, optical quality polycarbonate lenses that pass ASTM Z80.3 standards and which provide UV400 protection, the maximum sun protection possible against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

  • All lenses are 100% Rx’able and in many cases provide solutions to over-range or hard to fill prescriptions.

  • All frames are made from state of the art materials which provide strength yet keep the frame lightweight, ensuring they perform with you, including high wind and speed protection.

  • Most styles come with a strap or cord to help hold the frame securely on your head when in use.

  • Most styles come with interchangeable lenses for different sports activities.

Remember, great eyesight is a key factor in any athletic performance…Not only do these frames look fashionable, but they ultimately surpass what a regular pair of sunglasses can provide for you in your active lifestyle!

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